Love, grief, hope, sorrow and joy – the consequences of living that help us to learn and confront truths.

This is a collection of stories where impressionable boys and lovers, fathers and mothers, priests, con-men and angels come alive; stories of   people  and  moments  to  care for  and  recognise.  Told  with  compassion and care,  these  are tales of  living and  dying  from an author who hopes you will bring them to life by knowing the people within.

The collection is linked by characters and events. At their core is ‘Sunrises’, in which Anthony grieves following the death of his daughter and struggles to know where to turn for his own peace and truth.

‘Sunrises’ is supported by stories depicting critical episodes from Anthony’s life and the lives of those around him; how he is shaped by the choices and actions of others and how they influence his present and future.

Love, grief, hope, sorrow and joy – bringing truth to a life.

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