Paul Marriner

Welcome to Ramblings, Reviews, Reverie, Regrets – a set of articles providing a diversion, some entertainment and some ‘food for thought’. My initial aspiration was to find some structure or repeating themes to bind the articles and provide some continuity – but that seems too constricting, so I’ve decided instead to simply write what comes to mind, in no particular order, and hope it’s of interest.

Why call it ‘Ramblings, Reviews, Reverie, Regrets’ ?

… because though I’ve no plan in mind, I think those 4 ‘R’s will pretty much cover it. So if you’ve found your way here then I hope there will be something to enjoy and maybe some thoughts that resonate with you. Do please feel free to invite others to join us. I’m hoping to put out a couple of articles a month but won’t commit – it depends largely on where the ramblings take me….

St Dominick South Cornwall 2017

And why the picture above? It was taken by a close friend and talented photographer – Jim Murphy – down in the west country. It  made an impression on me when I first saw it and feels a good fit for ‘Ramblings, Reviews, Reverie, Regrets’ .


#1 Jan 2019 – Quality Review Considerations