The Blue Bench Book Club Package

Bluescale Publishing understands that the cost of paperbacks can be high and that not all book clubs can borrow enough copies from their local libraries. So we’d like to help by offering discounts to book clubs as part of a Book Club Package – only available in the UK at the moment, sorry…

The Blue Bench book club package

If your book club is going to read The Blue Bench (& why wouldn’t it?) then consider one of our Book Club Packages. Each package will contain:

  • Copies of the The Blue Bench (min 2, max 10) as ordered
  • A set of suggested discussion topics and questions for when your club gets together to discuss the book
  • Some cocktail recipes from 1920 in case your club likes a tipple while discussing
  • Some dessert recipes in case your club would like a taste of the 20s
  • Limited edition bookmarks to accompany the books

The cost of the books will be just £6.50 each (min 2, max 10) plus package & postage. The books will be sent via Royal Mail but the range in package size from 2 to 10 books and the choice of 1st or 2nd class post means that the P&P will vary according to the number of books and postage tariff chosen (we make no profit on P&P).  If your club would like multiple copies (min. 2) then please drop us a line using the contact form below with the number of books required and we’ll get back to you with a price and payment methods. There is no obligation to purchase.

We look forward to hearing from you. And, of course, single copies of the book are available from Amazon in both paperback and ebook format from Amazon or can be ordered from your local book shop.

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