Murphy’s Law is a collection of colourful true stories and exploits that capture the spirit of someone who was genuinely a larger than life character.

James ‘Spud’ Murphy retired in 1993, having completed 26 years service with the Metropolitan Police and 8 years with the Department of Trade & Industry within the Radio Investigation Service. His approach to life was often unique, usually humorous and always ‘Spud’.

Input for the 32 short, humorous stories within is provided by his ex Met Police/DTI colleagues and close family members. As such the book provides an enlightening insight into 1960’s & 70’s more liberal policing and Radio Investigation operations in the 80’s. For anyone interested in popular music and radio, there is a fascinating story covering Radio Caroline (The Ross Revenge). Murphy’s Law is a fun and amusing read and provides a journey through an era and culture that no longer exists.

Murphy’s Law is available as an ebook or paperback through Amazon or, for a limited period, as a pdf download free of charge – see links below.

All profits from the paperback and ebook will be passed to the Metropolitan and City Police Orphans Fund (Registered Charity No 234787) – a worthy charity and one Spud would have appreciated and approved. Further donations to the charity can be made following this link: Donate to Metropolitan Police Orphans Fund .

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